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If you are unhappy with the presence of excess body skin on the stomach and / or back (often resulting from significant and quick weight loss or gastric bypass surgery), Dr. Derek Lou at Lou Plastic Surgery can help. Our body lift procedures can help by providing you with a flatter abdomen, tighter buttocks, less cellulite, and the removal of back rolls or excess back skin.

Procedure Description

Our body lift procedures are typically performed in either a hospital or outpatient facility under general anesthesia. Body lift surgery will vary from patient to patient, as different individuals have very different aesthetic goals and body types. However, in most procedures a surgeon will begin by removing excess skin from the belly. After this, the abdominal wall muscle is tightened and the fat and skin above the belly button is stretched down to the pubic area and sutured in place.

After this part of the procedure, the patient’s back is worked on. Excess fat and skin from the middle of the back is removed, which lifts the outer thighs. In some patients, a liposuction procedure will also be performed.

As mentioned above, the details of each procedure will vary from person to person. Dr. Lou will work closely with you to help determine what exactly will take place during your procedure.

Recuperation and Healing

Body lift procedures are some of the more uncomfortable plastic surgery procedures, and can often require a long recuperation time. Professional medical care is usually required for 1-3 days after the procedure takes place. Moving and walking around can usually happen 1-2 days after the procedure, and light activity can be resumed within 10-20 days. Sports and other heavy activities, however, may not be comfortable for several weeks.

Other Options

Your body lift results may be enhanced by additional procedures, such as liposuction, fat freezing, breast procedures, upper arm lift or thigh lift.


There are always risks involved with surgery and it is important to be aware of these. While there are occasionally minor complications associated with body lift procedures, major complications are extremely rare.

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