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Dr. Derek Lou has years of experience helping people achieve their personal aesthetic goals. For individuals who are dissatisfied with loose or sagging skin of the abdominal wall (often resulting from multiple pregnancies or earlier surgeries), we can help create a smoother and flatter abdomen.

Procedure Description

For most tummy tuck procedures, the surgery is performed in a hospital or outpatient facility and is conducted under general anesthesia. After this, different degrees of abdominoplasty can be done with certain modifications.

In mini-abdominoplasty procedures, only the skin of the lower abdominal wall is tightened, resulting in a very short scar.

Modified abdominoplasty deals with only the muscle wall or abdominal skin and makes any necessary repairs.

Standard abdominoplasty tightens the entire abdominal wall skin, as well as the abdominal muscles, resulting in a standard scar.

Finally, in extended abdominoplasty procedures the abdomen and sides are tightened, resulting in a long scar that extends around the sides of the abdomen and onto the lower back.

Recuperation and Healing

Recovering from any type of abdominoplasy can be a very time-consuming process and one that limits the mobility of the patient. Typically, one to three days of hospitalization or other type of professional medical care are required.

Patients can typically begin moving or walking around 1-2 days after the procedure and resume light activity after 10-20 days. It is not uncommon for the treated area to be painful or uncomfortable for up to 6 weeks.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Derek Lou can discuss your personal recovery plan with you in greater detail and will help you prepare for what you can expect during your recuperation.

Other Options

Dr. Lou can recommend potential cosmetic alternative procedures for you including liposuction, breast procedures, or a thigh lift.


All surgical procedures bring with them certain dangers and risks of complication. While minor unexpected complications do occur (uncommonly), major complications are very rare.

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