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Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a procedure to reshape or resize your nose. The goal of rhinoplasty is to give you a more contoured and shapely appearance so that your nose will complement (not distract from) your other facial features. If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your nose because of the way it has always looked or even due to an injury, a rhinoplasty may be the best solution.

Rhinoplasty can accomplish any number of goals, including enlarging or reducing the overall size, narrowing of the nostrils, changing the bridge or tip of the nose, correction of a deviated septum, or an alteration to the angle of the nose and upper lip.

Rhinoplasty can be performed using either a closed or open technique, the difference being the incision(s) used and whether the framework of the nose needs to be exposed, like lifting the hood on a car to work on the engine. Selection of the technique depends on the extent and type of remodeling that needs to be performed.

That being said, there is no one perfect nose. Your needs will vary depending on your ethnicity and your other features. During your consultation, your rhinoplasty will be planned and tailored to match your individual needs so that you can achieve the most natural –and beautiful – look.

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The nose is one of the most integral features of the face. Because of this, many people desire the perfect nasal shape or size. If you feel as though your nose is too large or has a shape which does not match the rest of your face, then rhinoplasty may be the perfect solution for you.

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Procedure Description

Rhinoplasty is typically considered to be a more invasive surgery than some other treatments such as laser resurfacing. Despite this, however, the rhinoplasty procedure is still relatively minor and is done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

There are two rhinoplasty options available for patients:

Open Rhinoplasty: This procedure is frequently used on those with difficult or larger noses. It involves the use of one external incision across the nasal septum, through which bones, cartilage, and soft tissues are reshaped. The doctor will use direct vision, as opposed to a scope, to achieve the desired results.

Open Tip-Plasty: This is a procedure that is used if only the nasal tip is abnormal. This surgery may be carried out with either a standard or an external open approach.

If the patient has large, undesirable nostrils, then these may be reduced through tiny incisions at the outer base of the nose. This procedure may be carried out with either type of rhinoplasty.

Recuperation and Healing

After a rhinoplasty procedure, the patient will return home with an external cast or splint in place. The nose may be packed for 24-48 hours, and the cast or splint is usually removed in one week.

The patient will experience initial discomfort, but this pain is easily controlled through oral medication. Patients will also experience swelling and bruising, which will progressively subside after 2-4 weeks. Any external sutures that may have been put in place are removed 4-6 days after surgery. Any internal sutures that may have been used will simply dissolve.

Rhinoplasty patients will see semifinal results up to 3 months after the procedure has been carried out. The final result will be evident in 12-14 months, since this is the typical amount of time necessary for complete tissue softening.

Intended Results

Patients who undergo a rhinoplasty procedure typically desire a more attractive nasal shape. This surgery is intended to provide patients with a nose that is in better proportion with their other facial features.

Who is a candidate?

The following individuals are considered to be good candidates for rhinoplasty:

  • Those who have a nose that is cosmetically unattractive or does not “fit” with other facial features.
  • Those who wish to achieve a more attractive nasal shape or a nose that is in better proportion to other facial features.
  • Those who have an abnormal appearance of the nose as a result of birth defects, injury, or disease.

The specific risks associated with this procedure for any given individual can only be determined at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. On occasion, minor complications that do not affect the surgery’s outcome may arise. Major complications are rare.

Other Options

While rhinoplasty alone has the potential to give patients their ideal look, there are other procedures that may enhance the results of this surgery. These include chin enlargement and laser skin resurfacing.

Insurance Guidelines

Most insurance providers do not cover cosmetic procedures. This surgery is considered cosmetic and therefore is most likely not covered by insurance. If, however, the nasal deformity is due to recent injury, insurance coverage may be available. Please check with your provider to learn more.

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